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Suffer the Children

March 25, 2018 — 1 Comment


“Daddy, why do we have guns?” A purely honest question from a beautifully innocent soul. I remember it. Wasn’t prepared for it but knew I couldn’t ignore it.

Over a million young people took part yesterday in the nationwide “March for Our Lives” protest. Innocense lost, shouting, demanding, “F**k guns! F**k the NRA! F**k Republicans!” I can’t ignore it. The coordinated passionate expression is admirable, I didn’t think they had it in them, but what of the demand?  Continue Reading…


President Obama has just announced plans to use Executive Power to
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Another mass shooting by a deranged young man claims innocent victims. Immediately afterward, even before the smoke has cleared, President Obama takes to the airwaves to admonish us all for being “numb” to such tragedies. Excuse me? My shock was trumped by a new one! I’d barely even had a chance to pray for the victims and our President interrupts my thirst for news with this sucker punch. I could tell you who’s numb to what but that’s for another 144 blogs…  Continue Reading…