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Three words…

January 2, 2018 — Leave a comment


Just three words are the answer to these three questions we ask ourselves most:

  1. Why am I here?
  2. What is the meaning of life?
  3. How can I find true happiness?

No matter your gender, race, religion or social class, all you need to do is, “Love one another.”

Joy to the World!

December 24, 2017 — 1 Comment

My brothers and sisters, you don’t have to be a Christian to share in the spirit of Christmas.



When was the last time you thanked a veteran? Usually we’re too busy minding our own business to notice them. Fortunately, there is Veterans Day, on November 11 every year, in honor of persons who served in the United States Armed Forces. So for at least this week, keep alert for Veterans and when you see one, go out of your way to thank them. They’ll always smile and thank you back.


I really love Thanksgiving. Not because it’s a brief vacation or what I consider the start of the Christmas season, but because I am truly thankful for so many things and this holiday provides an opportunity to pause and consider them:

  • That I was born in America, land of the free because of the brave, a beacon of light to dark places in the world.
  • My parents who provided for my needs but not my wants.
  • My wife who is so often my perfect compliment.
  • My children who provide me with purpose.
  • My job which affords me comfort providing comfort to others.

I thank God for these things and so many others that I could fill a book with. I am thankful for Thanksgiving.


I marched along, daydreaming. About what I don’t remember but it was likely about my next meal. What would it be? Rifle in hand, but not on my shoulder as would be proper. I was just too, well, lazy, and was alone anyway so I was free to do as I pleased. Suddenly a slight movement just barely caught my eye Continue Reading…


I was walking through one of those big box hardware stores the other day, just wandering aimlessly as many guys like to do there. I’m sure I was there for some specific item but I don’t remember what. There’s really no such thing as a quick trip to one of these stores for me. Anyway, Continue Reading…


Colin Kaepernick, a few weeks ago you began to refuse to stand in reverence to our Flag as our National Anthem plays. As much as that hurts me, I support your right to do so. I took an oath once to protect that right, with my life if necessary, and that oath has no expiration date. But you are wrong Colin. You’ve been misguided and thus duped into perpetuating a lie that, like a malignant cancer, is destroying our society from within.  Continue Reading…