True Love on a Lonely Highway

March 25, 2017 — Leave a comment


I was walking through one of those big box hardware stores the other day, just wandering aimlessly as many guys like to do there. I’m sure I was there for some specific item but I don’t remember what. There’s really no such thing as a quick trip to one of these stores for me. Anyway, I had been there long enough and was walking in the direction of the checkout lanes, ready to get home and use whatever it was I had come there to get. I was just moments away from completing this little journey, after which the memory of it would have been stored away so safely in my mind I would not ever recall it, but that was not to be.

While I was wandering around the store I had glimpsed a pair of ladies from behind. I only noticed them because one of them was wearing a robe and slippers. What in the world?! Why had some lady come in here in a robe and slippers? Odd, kinda funny, soon forgotten, but not for long.

Approaching the checkout lanes I come upon them again, face to face. The two ladies were arm in arm. One was younger, about my age, with her arm locked around another of an older lady, disheveled, robe and slippers. The older lady was looking straight ahead, seemingly at nothing, as they shuffled slowly forward together. Clutched in her arms was a tiny baby, with a slight smile but cold and motionless. I knew at once that the younger lady had once occupied that place in the older lady’s arms. I was overwhelmed with emotion. This was as beautiful a scene of pure love as I have ever witnessed. I fought the tears as I got quickly through the checkout and outside to my car, then lost the fight.

Love and beauty are everywhere, surrounding us all the time. There’s so much more of it to see than the opposite yet it’s the opposite that we tend to focus and dwell on. I’ll never forget those two ladies, not for as long as I live, and whenever I think of it I’ll thank God for sharing it with me.

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