We CAN make America great again, but will we?

December 19, 2016 — Leave a comment


Donald Trump entered the Presidential race with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” Clearly that message resonated and became the cornerstone of his entire campaign. His political opponents stood dumbfounded as his popular support soared. The Republican political class fell into panic. Why? Because Donald Trump is a true outsider who neither had nor sought support from them. This meant that Trump could not – and as he made it abundantly clear, would not – be their puppet. There were seventeen candidates in the Republican primary and Trump led them all from start to finish, in spite of the establishment’s united effort to defeat him. Then he became the Democrats’ problem. Hillary countered with “America is great!” and again with most forces united against him, Trump prevailed. The reasons will be debated for decades but in simplest terms, the choice was for change or status quo.

I do believe Trump’s slogan was sincere but change for the sake of change is not necessarily a good thing. What change do we want? What change will we get? Will we “Make America Great Again”? How? Trump’s three biggest promises are to end illegal immigration, bring jobs back to America and replace Obamacare. If he can accomplish those three things America will undoubtedly be great again. In case you were “with her”, she is on record wholly agreeing with the first two things and for the third saying Obamacare needs to be fixed. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, if you love our country you want it to be great. (If not, please leave now and peacefully.) Us voters did our part last month. What do we do now? Now that we are merely spectators in the battles set to begin next month. There are many things of course but if all of us did the following two simple things, our county’s greatness would be assured.

First, get informed. I am and maybe you are too but we (as a population) are not. Denzel Washington recently said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed.” I don’t often care what Denzel thinks but this, coming from a Hollywood elite, I thought was particularly profound. You must seek the news as well as the truth in it. A newspaper is not a bad source but it is only one source and therefore only one viewpoint (that of the editor). Gather news from several reputable sources and then seek details from even more sources when necessary. Of course beware of fake news. It’s popularity really exploded during this last election cycle. It’s very easy to spot but most people are too eager to accept it if it suits their agenda and are too lazy to verify it.

Second, vote. Typically, only half of the voting population participates in our Presidential elections and the numbers get progressively worse the closer they are to local elections. This both saddens and angers me. I am saddened by the thought of how many lives have been lost fighting for and protecting our right to free elections and angered at those who don’t vote then protest the results.

I do hereby solemnly swear to do my part. Will you do yours? Our nation’s life depends on it.

God Bless America!

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