Confessions of a Conservative

August 18, 2016 — Leave a comment


Some of these may surprise you… 

  1. I was secretly happy when Barack Obama won in 2008.
  2. I’d rather talk to an informed liberal than an uninformed conservative.
  3. I’m an environmentalist. (Who isn’t?)
  4. Climate change is real (but not man-made).
  5. Muslims are not terrorists, jihadis are.
  6. I’m pro-immigration.
  7. All immigrants must be carefully vetted.
  8. I hate bigotry.
  9. I have no tolerance for intolerance.
  10. Some people are born gay.
  11. Men and women are different. (Thank God!)
  12. I’m pro (the whole) life and oppose the death penalty.
  13. Terminally ill patients should be allowed to end their own lives if they choose to.
  14. All career politicians are crooked. Term limits!
  15. I don’t often like the choices but I always vote.
  16. I don’t trust ANYONE who says you should be able to vote without a valid ID.
  17. I love my country. You should leave it if you don’t.
  18. I wish you didn’t have the right to desecrate our flag but I would volunteer again to fight to protect your rights.
  19. The minimum wage is not a “living” wage, never was and never should be.
  20. Prosperity is not an entitlement. The right to pursue it is.

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