Hillary survives close call…

July 5, 2016 — Leave a comment


FBI director James Comey held a press conference this morning to announce his agency’s findings on its investigation into Secretary Clinton’s private email server. Regardless of your political persuasion, this is the biggest news story of the election season so far. You’ll hear it discussed ad nauseam for the rest of this election season and then in history books later.

Before settling into your favorite brainwash position in front of the TV, I beg you, please, either read or watch his short 15 minute statement in its entirety. I’ll even provide you the web links.

The complete text:
The complete video:

Comey’s statement was short yet surprisingly detailed. As I listened to him describing Clinton’s offenses I found myself wondering who the democrats would nominate instead of Hillary at their convention. Then suddenly it was almost over… He had a recommendation… Oh my gosh… This is history I’m watching… Hillary’s going down… WTF! What did he just say?! No way!

Summarizing it into a single sentence: The FBI found that Hillary Clinton is guilty of carelessly and criminally transmitting and storing classified information on unsecured networks and servers but since no prosecutor would be likely to take on the case, the justice department should not pursue charges.

I was in shock for a few hours. I began thinking that nothing really mattered any more. Why even vote? If July 4th wasn’t just yesterday I may still be in shock but only 14 hours earlier I teared up watching our flag as the Star Spangled Banner played. Fireworks followed and it’s that annual moment when my national pride (while always high) is at its peak.

So, as I’ve said before, vote. But do so in a manner fitting of the sacrifice of so many to guarantee that right for you. Educate yourself as much as you can on the issues. Reject sound-bite campaigning from either side. If you hear something that doesn’t make sense, challenge it. The choices aren’t always good ones but you must make one nonetheless so make sure it’s one that you can live with because you may have to.

God Bless America!

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