Jake the Snake. I really hate snakes…

March 13, 2016 — Leave a comment


I’m watching the Democrat Town Hall tonight on CNN hosted by Jake Tapper and Roland Martin. I expected a friendly discourse just as I would if Fox News were hosting a Republican Town Hall but what I am witnessing is truly shocking.  To describe entirely all the liberal bias of the hosts would take too long (and I didn’t take notes) but I sure hope to see them called out on at least these two things:

First, Jake Tapper asked Senator Sanders if he would name a republican that he liked. Senator Sanders, being the gentleman he is, responded that if he named a republican he liked, that republican’s career would be over. Jake unhesitatingly shouted, “Do it! Do it!” How pathetic. I wanted to turn off the TV but my desire to stay informed prevailed.

Second, both Jake and Roland enthusiastically greeted Secretary Clinton with A KISS! What!? I almost fell out of my chair! I know these guys are democrats but this is a live broadcast of a Presidential candidate Town Hall on CNN. This is unprecedented! I wonder what the reaction would have been if Megyn Kelly had greeted the Republicans with a kiss at their debate in Detroit. I’m sure it would still be a news story and she may have even lost her job. We’ll see if this gets any news attention at all.

I’ll keep watching all I can in order to make the most informed decision possible at the polls. Will you? I hope so. To cast an uniformed vote is more dangerous than not casting a vote at all. I urge everyone to exercise their right to vote but do so in a manner fitting of the sacrifice of so many to preserve that right.

God bless America!

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