Poisonous Politicking – ‘Tis the Season…

January 26, 2016 — Leave a comment


Do you remember Rodney King? He was a black man who in 1991 while driving drunk with some friends led police on a high speed chase which ended in his savage beating by police officers. Four officers were charged with assault and later their acquittal triggered the infamous LA riots of 1992. Rodney King’s enduring contribution to our culture came during these riots when he famously said “Can we all get along?” Well Rodney (God rest your soul), not during election season. 

It’s a sad commentary on our political process that the election season is when I remember Rodney King, standing amidst the deadly chaos pleading for peace. Now here I am, pleading for peace and I fear I’ll go to my grave without it.

The ideological differences between our parties is healthy for our republic but the debates over these differences are almost always void of intellectual honesty leaving them futile and destructive. I’m not beholden to any party and welcome honesty from either. If you’re reading my blog you know I’m generally conservative but I love Bernie Sanders’ honesty as much as any progressive lefty. Unfortunately, I cannot support a self-proclaimed socialist calling for a doubling of the minimum wage and a 90% tax rate on the rich. On the right, Mike Huckabee’s halo hasn’t garnered him enough support to be considered a serious candidate.

This primary season began as it always does with smiling handshaking candidates acting like old school chums. But as the first caucus nears, almost all of them have shed their dignity diminishing themselves to malicious mudslinging, attacking each other often with lies. It literally sickens me. This is the lot I have to choose from? Sigh.

What do we do? I mean “we the people”. I’ll vote my conscience in the primary for a candidate that I know will not win. Come November it certainly won’t be the first time I’ve had to just pick the least undesirable candidate but it looks like this could be the hardest pill to swallow ever. But I will. Because I love The Constitution, that perfectly imperfect document, and all it represents. After all, The President does not define The Office. Then I’ll volunteer to help any of those Hollywood elitists fulfill their promise to leave this country if their candidate doesn’t win.

What next? You’ll find the answer to that in my previous blog post…

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