Kim Davis – Why she matters…

September 16, 2015 — 1 Comment


What should we do with a publicly elected official who has sworn to uphold the law then doesn’t? Worse, they publicly declare their disdain for it as justification for ignoring it. 

Anyone following politics could quickly name a dozen public officials who they think this applies to. But this is not about the usual suspects, it’s about a county clerk in a small town in Kentucky. Why? There is a very significant difference between Kim Davis and the others.

Many public officials cross their fingers as they take the oath with a wink and a smile. (I recently posted about one of them.) Kim Davis took the oath sincerely. The problem for her was born when the law changed. Specifically, the US Supreme Court recently ruled that States cannot deny the liberty of same sex couples to marry.

So, quite simply, Kim Davis, to perform her job, is now required by law to violate her religious beliefs. So what is she to do? I doubt anyone would argue that she should forsake her faith, but the popular opinion is split. The “left” argues that she must follow the law while the “right” argues that she should not. Ironic; it’s more often the other way around.

For Kim Davis personally, she cannot be bound to her oath to uphold the law if the law changed after she took that oath. But, the law is the law, and regardless of your political or religious slant, the answer to the opening question is quite simple. Ask them to resign and impeach them if they refuse.

One response to Kim Davis – Why she matters…


    At this point I agree she should resign. But she may want to continue her fight and be a martyr for her beliefs.


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