Not another abortion debate…

September 8, 2015 — Leave a comment


Nope. I won’t even go there. I’ve made up my mind (again) as I’m sure you’ve made up yours and I can’t change it. Regardless of which side you’re entrenched in, the recent revelations about the practices of Planned Parenthood are at the very least disturbing.  In case you’ve been asleep for the last six weeks, the rest of us have seen several pieces of video evidence showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing their practice of mining baby body parts for sale. Spare me the arguments for the potential medical/scientific benefits of these baby body parts. Any of them are irrelevant in the face of the fact that for this practice some babies were actually killed after being aborted alive.

We all agree murder is wrong, we just don’t always agree on its definition. The anti-abortionists believe abortion is murder while the pro-abortionists believe it is not.

Can we agree that killing a living/breathing baby is murder? Even if that baby’s birth was actually an abortion?

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