My Climate Change Elevator Pitch…

September 1, 2015 — Leave a comment


Climate change is real. Whoa, what!? Don’t sign me up with the progressives yet, just call me Captain Obvious. The scientific facts can’t be denied. Earth’s climate has been changing since its beginning and will continue to do so until its end. The public debate is about man’s influence on climate change. 

Consider this. Man’s existence is marked by but a speck on the earth’s timeline. The industrial revolution, which is barely 100 years old, is marked by but a speck on man’s timeline.

So what is man to do about climate change? In a word, adapt. That’s it. We are uniquely equipped to do so and will.

So what about man-made pollution? Should we care? Certainly. We should all be vigilant good stewards of our environment. Otherwise we will have to live with the ugly, filthy and harmful effects. Regardless, the cycle of earth’s climate change will continue unaffected.

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